Once You have decided on the type of window dressing you require, you can select one of (or a mixture of ) the options below, to help customise and personalise it. 


GMB Cotton Reel 1A Blue.jpg

Georgie Mae Curtain Changers

What's the idea?

The latest addition to the Georgie Mae repertoire.

Curtain changers are any shape or themed item you can imagine, created into a 3D felt element  by hand. These are applied to the curtain yet can be easily removed and changed.They can be made in all shapes and sizes and the sky is the limit with regards design.

  The Benefits?


They offer an affordable and unique way of updating your room theme or of responding to a change in your child's interests. 

By purchasing a different Curtain Changer set you are able to simply remove the previous elements quickly and easily and replace.

Avoid the cost of replacing the whole curtain each time they grow out of it.

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Georgie Mae Pockets

GMB Cotton Reel 1A Yellow.jpg

What's the idea?

Coloured felt pockets are appliqued to the curtain and you can select a Curtain Changer pack to add into the pocket or shop our wooden elements. Encourage discussion with your little ones about the shapes and colours as they get ready for bed.



The Benefits?

Change your theme without the expense of having to buy new curtains. 


Georgie Mae Applique


What's the idea?

An opportunity to be creative using a curtain background as your canvas.

Katie at Georgie Mae will work with you to design and then create from fabric and felt your perfect design.

This will be applied onto a beautifully soft background fabric of your choosing.

Any shape or themed item you can imagine is generally possible

The Benefits?

Create a truly unique curtain or blind made to last with hand finished detail not available on the high street. Blackout and interlining as standard you are sure to end up with a stunning and practical window treatment for your child’s room.


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