It is usually a pre-requisite to have the pole or track in place pre measuring for curtains or blinds. This takes away any uncertainty around where exactly the pole will be placed and therefore what the final drop (length) of the curtain will be.

We offer a wide range of wooden or metal poles starting at width of 120cm all the way up to 4m (depending on range selected)

Feel free to drop us an email with what you require.

Whilst we do not install poles and fittings ourselves we have access to the services of professional fitters in the local area.



A selection of wooden poles from the Honister Range. Starting at £20.00 + postage 

Colours available: Cafe Latte, French Grey, Linen White, Stone,Truffle and Pale slate


Over the past 6 years we have invested in a selection of fabric sample books to allow you to peruse from the comfort of your own home. From the Parisian design house of Thevenon 1908 with their beautifully ornate Jacquards and toile de Jouy, to the UK  produced cottons and linens under the Sandowne and Bourne collection. Kobe a recent addition offer super wide fabrics in a variety of styles and designs. Each company we work with offers something different. Whether that be in terms of price, fabric make up or design. 

We are pleased to now be able to offer a  range of environmentally conscious fabrics. Bamboo fabric, along side a range of felts made from recycled plastic bottles. Nearly one million tonnes of Textile waste goes to landfill each year in the UK.By moving away from throw away solutions towards hand crafted curtains, the intention is that they will last in region of 10+ years, and so really need to be loooked upon almost as an investment.


View some of the fabrics in the links below.













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